Friday, January 26, 2007

Dominican Republic

My parents decided that they were going to take the whole famliy to the D.R. for christmas. So we all packed and loaded up the kids and everything we needed and were off. It was a long flight and we left early in the morning calgary time and ended up at the resort at around 8:00 DR time. But once the warm air at the airport hit our faces, it was was well worth it. The resort we stayed at was beautiful and right on the beach. We went swimming and walking almost everyday. The weather there is always changing, it can rain one minute and then the next it is blistering hot. Katie tried to finish off her scuba diving training, but the first three days we were there, they told us that the wind was too much to dive. So she got her money back and decided to finish it later. Well the rest of the time we saw dive after dive after dive, OH WELL. My brother and i both went diving for the day off of catalina island. It was a great time. We dove twice and would have gone more if they would have allowed us. Diving is one of my favorite things to do, and something that everyone should try once. Being down with the fish and actually immersed in the sea life is something that you cant explain or understand unless you are 60-90 feet below the surface. The next day Katie, my sister and my mom went snorkling for the morning. They enjoyed it a lot, especially the Mama Juana (Dominican moonshine), dancing and entertaining hosts. After this, katie is extremely excited about diving and finishing off her certification. The rest of the trip we enjoyed soaking up the rays, relaxing and partaking of the great food and drink (pina coladas and cervesas all around). We knew that we had to leave evetually, but like anything else you never want to stop having fun. It was a great trip and we loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Weening Christmas and New Year

We celebrated Christmas for the last time (AGAIN) at Matthew's parents house. It was a relaxing time and everyone had fun. opening gifts, sharing stories and just enjoying the time of year and the company. We talked a lot about our upcoming trip to the Dominican that we will embark on as an entire family (kids and all). Our highlight of the night was when Chris received his gift from his secret santa and low and behold it was the ugliest light that you have ever seen. The year before the kids gave mom and dad ugly UGLY lights as a gag gift for the acerage (the real ones were much nicer) everyone except The two of us (Matthew & Katie who bought the lights) belived that these lights were the actual gifts. AFter about 20 minutes and people starting to question our sanity, and yes even get a little mad, we let them all in on the joke. So this year Chris received on of the little lights, that everyone thought had been returned. Everyone had a good laugh at this and enjoyed the rest of the night. New years was very relaxing and we just ate and did our yearly prediction as to what we all think might and will happen in 2007. Some are crazy, and some are almost a sure thing.