Monday, May 28, 2007

10 Steps on how to PROPERLY eat a TIM TAM

The tail end of my last post brought me back to the Tim Tams of australia, and i need a whole post to do these Biscuits (NOT COOKIES) justice so here goes

The Following is called a "TIM TAM SLAM"

Step one: Buy the Tim Tams
Step Two: Buy a Large Double Double (tim hortons)
Step Three: Bite the corner off the Tim Tam
Step Four: Bite the opposite corner off the Tim Tam
Step Five: insert the bitten off corner just into the coffee
Step Six: Place your lips around the other corner that is bitten off
Step Six: Slowly (as not to burn youself)suck the Coffee through the Tim Tam
Step Seven: Let the Coffee melt and soften the Tim Tam
Step Eight: Eat the rest of the Tim Tam before it gets messy
Step Nine: Lick your fingers COMPLETELY clean
Step Ten: Repeat Steps one - nine until you have no more Tim Tams or are stuffed

That is my contribution to society - 10 STEPS ON HOW TO EAT A TIM TAM

And of course a YouTube link to go with it.

Life after Australia

Well to honest it sucks... or i should say sucked for around 3 weeks. Getting back into things was not easy and especially since when we arrived back in Calgary we were treated with a sub zero week of flurries at the beginning of april. So going from 30+ weather for 5 weeks to -5 for a week is not easy. Oh well that is life as we know it!

We have since welcomed a new addition to the family here in calgary. Chris and Missy had their 4th, that is right FOURTH, girl Reese Emmaunuelle Weening on April 27th. So that is new. Other than that nothing to report on this side of the equator/North America.

To all the Australians who look at this, feel free to send some Tim Tams here anytime soon. To all those who dont know what i am talking about, there are only the greatest biscuits (NOT COOKIES) ever invented.