Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get outta here... AWESOME!!!

I read this in the herald yesterday, it left Katie and I laughing hysterically...yeah yeah yeah we are mean and cruel BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

The cat came back . . . with an arrow through his back. A tomcat -- aptly named Trouble -- is on the mend after being nailed with a crossbow bolt last week.

The six-year-old cat had been missing for more than three days on Thursday afternoon when he crawled up to his owner's doorstep near Barrhead, about 100 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, pierced with a 46-centimetre crossbow shaft and barely able to move his back legs.

The cat's owners rushed Trouble to Dr. Sarah Fryer's emergency vet clinic. "We came home and he was just sitting at the door waiting for us," said the woman who owns the cat, who did not want to be identified. "At first I couldn't tell what it was, but as soon as I realized it, I was sick. It was just horrible."

Trouble was shot just below the tail with a metal-tipped bolt. The tip exited behind the animal's left shoulder blade. Its red and yellow fletching was still visible under the tail.

Remarkably, none of Trouble's organs was hit, nor was there any significant nerve damage.

"The cat was obviously in shock, but was amazingly comfortable, considering," said Fryer. "He was actually purring when we had him in here. He was obviously very glad to be among people again."

Barring infection, which Fryer says is the biggest risk to Trouble's health at this point, the cat could make a full recovery and is so far doing "extremely well."
His owners are concerned about the circumstances of the shooting.

"It seems too much of a coincidence for it to be an accident," Trouble's owner said.
"We were just horrified that anyone could be that cruel. I mean, he's a cat. His biggest offence is that he's too friendly."

HAHAHAHAHAHA too friendly, what kind of devil creature survives being shot with a cross bow through the back, and for three days! I tell you what, any other non possessed spawn of Satan would have died fo sho!!! too friendly...

Thought this was kind of cool...

Here is website that I stumbled upon when bored. Kind cool if you like this kind of thing... This is his website Daily Monster

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Elephant Paints Self Portrait

I have always like Elephants, as you can tell by their placement around our home. This is something that I thought was pretty cool.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Issue with a recent Vote

There was a vote the other day at the Christian high school. This was a vote on whether to join the Paliser school system or not. Now admittedly, I don't know all the details about Paliser, but I know that we would basically be joining the public school system in some way shape or form, similar to what happened in Edmonton some years back.

Now I will make this as short and sweet as possible. It is not the vote or idea I have a problem, with as people are all entitled to their opinions for their own reasons, what I have a problem with, not wait a BIG problem with, is how it all went down. You see there was a vote not so long ago where the outcome was not the 75% majority that the school board set forth, so as it didn't pass, that should have been the end of it. After the vote was defeated, people wrote numerous letters and complaints, again totally fine with this, but all of a sudden this resulted in a new vote being called. This is where I have the problem. You see a vote was called, the vote took place and was not passed. This should have been the end of it, but it was not as the board decided because 72% (and many of them I suspect) of the voters were not happy with how the vote turned out, that there would be another vote. This time it was approved, now making other people unhappy. (when can we expect a re vote this time...)

Now before you all lambaste me, understand that if I did indeed vote, I would have accepted the outcome for what it was whether I was happy with it or not. But to have another vote right away because it didn't get the 75% approval??? If there was going to be another vote, it should have been a minimum of one year later. You see the long and short of it is, is that the board set forth the number required, it wasn't met and therefore was defeated. If the board was so sure that it was going to get the 75% then it has to live with the fact that it didn't, and move on. If if they cant do that, then they should at least admit that no matter what the outcome was, there would continue to be re votes until the desired result was achieved, which is what happened in the end.

To end this post I will say one more thing that I have a problem with. I have heard from both sides of the fence and both present good arguments, but what I hate HATE HATE hearing, is when I overheard someone telling another person that they were on the wrong side and how did they feel about that. WRONG SIDE!!! Aren't we all in this for the education of our kids, isn't that why CCS was started so many years ago, to bring up our children in a Christian setting. Since when are there sides. If we start to all think this way and lose sight of what it is we are all trying to do with Christian education, well then we might as well close the doors tomorrow. Our parents and grand parents fought hard, made many sacrifices, both financial and emotional, to start this school, and that is something that I think we need to remember, and not ask what side are you on, we should be on the kids side!

In closing, I pose one simple question: If this Paliser does not work (and I TRULY hope that it does), where do we go?? You can never go back to what it was, so where do we go?? How do we start all over??

Thursday, May 15, 2008

In response to ALEXANDER THE GREAT...

Alex, I will address your comment in a post (this is what you have taught your padawan learner oh master.)

Here is the post and comments in its entirety. Why do I exist... to Grand theft Auto IV of course

Alex wrote: GTA4 is a great game, in that it has scored 10 out of 10 on most gaming sites

What is it that gives the game a 10 out of 10? Was it you who personally sat down and played it and then scored it? It was other people and it was THEIR opinion, and now they have told you that this is the greatest game ever made. It seems that this is not like you, to allow yourself to be force feed what you think, Polly want a cracker, aaawwkk HELLOOO. Like with movie critics, I will make up my own mind and not take what they write and then spit that out as my opinion about the movie, the same should be true about the "greatest game ever made."

Alex wrote: ... we play board games such as oh I dunno, RISK, Command and Conquer, Axis and Allies, etc.. How fun would it be to play a game which mimics true life? Boring!

To the point of playing Risk et al, I find it strange that you would compare strategic board games based on wars, although tragic wars do not break the law, to GTA4, a video game based on real life happenings. So to compare GTA4 to a strategic war based board game seems to be a missed point, after all when was the last time you had someone line up all their troops and roll the dice to see who win, compared to the last time you heard in the news of some hooker who was brutally murdered. To the last sentence about how it would be boring to play a game that mimics true life being boring, that is my main problem with this game, it is too true to real life. Drugs, Crime, Sex, Murder... anything in there remind you of anything you have seen/heard on the news lately.

Alex wrote: Why do you think all the popular games of today involve fantasy of some sort? Cause we as adult humans are pretty darn good at playing pretend, and we like it.

Now this point about us wanting to play games that are based on fantasy, I agree with you, however if it is fantasy that you want then this game has missed the mark as well. Who it their right mind would want to fantasies about the things that GTA4 deems acceptable? I will give you an example of another fantastic game, that up until this game was to top game of all time, HALO. This games takes the player to another world to fight aliens and other beast, now if it is fantasy that you want, then this is game.

Now as I stated before in my original post, I realize that it is only a game, and that I myself don't put much merit into it, I just feel that we have seen one too many times of life imitating art, and this is a game that I fear may bring those occurrences up in number. Paranoid maybe, new father - yes, this is my opinion, deal with it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why do I exist... to Grand Theft Auto IV of course!!

This started out as a comment on sublimablogitude, it was in response to another blog but as I got to writing it took on a life of its own prompting a response post. It was the part of the post, a challenge that got me thinking. Here is the challenge

My First Thought Challenge: "The New Human"

You are a brand new human, just becoming into being. You are not a child though. You started out your human life as an adult, how you came to be is obviously NOT important here. You are standing on the ground somewhere on the earth, location not a factor, as a matter of fact, neither does your race, your sex, or the language you speak. You have no history, or at least none that you know of. The first item on your agenda (besides getting clothed) is figuring out why you exist. Where and how do you find your answer?

I was thinking about this more, and I the one thing that kept popping up in my mind was the video game Grand theft Auto IV. I am not sure why, as I have never played nor wish to play this game, but yet here I was thinking about it a lot today and the why do I as a new human, exist on this earth. I think that I would take a look around and settle into a life of crime and sin, not because this is my disposition, but because of what it acceptable in society. I know that I am going to get the old "but there are good things as well" speech, and I agree with that, but what the hell are we teaching our youth and "new humans" when a video game based on stealing, drugs, crime, having sex with prostitutes, then deciding how to kill them, and basically choosing to do everything that is wrong with society is the coolest thing since sliced bread, and possibly the friggin' wheel.

I was listening to the radio and there was a "gamer" on there (I have nothing against gamers, I am just not one of them) and he was telling the listeners that what is so awesome about the game is that you can go around doing things in the game that you shouldn't do in life... "SHOULDN'T DO..." I mean seriously shouldn't is almost like saying might not be able to, my mom doesn't want me to, I may get in trouble... how about the game lets you go around doing things that no only you cant do, forget shouldn't, but also that we as society know damn well are immoral, wrong and sinful!! Yet this game broke all the records for sales in any medium, with sales over $400 million dollars in three days.

Now I will admit, it is just a game and I fully believe that people are responsible for their own actions, but it was put to me why do I as a new human, exist on this earth. Well judging by what is acceptable and successful, I exist to grand theft auto IV I suppose. Not our brightest moment society, not our brightest moment.

joining the debate, or at least I think I am

So I am going to be joining a debate/discussion that has been going on long before I was born, and will no doubt go on long after I die. It has been brought to the blog forefront by a newly welcomed back prodigal son, DVB. His post, found here, The beginning of the Beginning, is the start of something interesting.

Now before I actually put a post together I must preface what is to come with the fact that most people who know me, know that I am a spontaneous goof who likes to have fun, and those of you who read my blog are privy to a little piece of my brain. Well for the next little/long while I will not be spending as much time on the humor, or as DVB puts is "musings" but more on who I am and what I think and believe.

DVB, I actually should be thanking you for bringing this out in me, you see for the past year I have been talking and thinking about a very long and serious blog series. I wanted to take the time to thoroughly read every book of the bible and then follow it up with an in depth analysis of my thoughts on that particular book, and what it means to my faith and to me in general. Now I still have the desire to do this, but I am not sure on how to approach it so I am thinking that this blog discussion will get me into the thought process that I need to be in for a 66 post series.

So now that I have laid the ground work for my entry into this discussion, I will need to gather my thoughts and put on my serious face for a while. so to DVB, I will post soon, and thanks for the kick in the ARSE!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Episode I: How to Raise a Child

A WTF post... where is this going?

I have been thinking about the world of blogging lately and maybe that is the reason that I have been unable to come up with anything really. You see I am stuck in this rut, and I believe that I have found the reason, due in large part to my sister in law.

When you write a blog you completely open yourself to the world, there is nothing you can really do to stop people from reading what you have to say. Oh you can put up blockers and make rules, but really people it is not that hard to get in and read it. Well I am not sure how I feel about this and so it directly affects my recent lack of posting, and I will tell you why.

What is a blog? What is it supposed to be and what are people supposed to write. I have seen in the past two days new additions to the blogging world, one being my sister in law and other a friend. Reading theirs got me to thinking about what we should be writing on our blogs. I know that in the past I have written about our trip to Australia, the birth of my daughter, my hate for cats, why Ontario and eastern Canada sucks, how the states need to give their head a shake when comparing us shit beer a little brother(and somtimes just in general)and many other things. Is this the reason for a blog, a space to write whatever the hell you want circumstances be damned? Or should we be treating it a little more like a real life conversation where we would take the other peoples feelings and opinions into consideration. When did we get to the point where cyberspace ruled how we communicate. We have e-mail ,facebook, youtube, myspace, PINing, texting, the list goes on and on, but I think that we have lost the true art of communication, and I for one have been a culprit of this growing phenomenon.

Since the use of computers to e-mail, phones to text and blogs to blog, communication has gone right down the tube. I have read recently that many students who do very well in college or university end up leaving with no social skills and thusly adjustment to the real world is hard if not impossible, where as the average student leaves with very honed social skills and ends up adapting to the real working world much better. why is this? It is because the average students spent time conversing, socializing and practicing real life skills, as well as studying. On the flip side, the straight "A" students spent most of their time on-line, studying or just not learning the art of communication. In the end who is better off, well I leave that to you to decide but know this, the most successful people in the world are generally the most adaptable and social ept.

I know that this post was supposed to be about "should I post for fun, or should I post serious items, or a combinations" but as my fingers feverishly typed away my thoughts began to run rampant and the post completely changed in the middle, and that my friends is the way that it is going to stay.

In the end, the decision about the role that technology plays in out lives, and how we should use it, is completely up to the individual, but be warned that true human contact and communication cannot and should not ever be replaced.

If this post makes no sense well then you have just been tuned into a moment in time when you have seen how my brain works, and since I have no intention of going back and reading this, I will never know what I have said and if it makes sense. This truly has been a ramble in its truest sense.

Good morning! And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The states have it right

Before all you crazy canucks go off on a tangent and oot of your freakin' minds, hear me oot first and realize that I love my home country, the land of the beaver and the true north strong and free.

What the states have right is how they treat sports. We are starting to get the picture a little bit, but we have a long ways to go. As an avid sports lover I was treated to one of the greatest pleasures one can have in life for almost 8 years. The pregame ritual of the tailgate. Now some of you may say "wait a mintue, I haev tailgated at a stamps game, or at a flames playoff game before, we know how to tailgate!!" The answer to that is a big fat resounding "NO YOU DONT!!!"

If you have ever had the priviledge of experiencing a NCAA College football game, March madness, NFL football game or MLB game you will know what I am talking about. It is not a couple thousand people who get together with a little grill and throw a ball around. It is anywhere from 30,000 to almost the entire town of Green Bay in the parking lot with full kitchen type grills and full course meals. It doesnt just start a few hours before the game, but almost the night before the game as that is when you would need to get there in order to ensure your spot.

I could go to a sporting even just for the pre-game tailgate alone. It is almost like the red mile during the tampa bay series, only it is before every home game. Perhaps the greatest tailgating takes places before College football games. I have been two a few of these and can honestly say that is one of the best times you can have. Beer, meat, sports, women and just one helluva good time.

So to you Mr USAPREGAMETAILGATERTRADITIONSTARTER!!! I not only salute you, but take my hat and the shirt off my back to you!! GAME ON USE game on, we Canadians are slowly starting to get it right, but like anything it is a work in progress. Here is to seeing My Green Bay Packers take on the Seattle Seahawks sometime this years.

PARTY ONE GARTH, party on!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

stuck in a rut

well readers, it has been over a month since my last post so I am offically stuck in a rut. I will try to get past this bloogers block and come back with a vengence, but so far I am having some problems. To anyone out the, help is always wanted and sometimes needed, I welcome any and all suggestions. Also take a look at this new blog and let the madness begin!!

Stuck on this Island Welcome aboard DC, and where the hell is my link on your page...