Friday, July 31, 2009

2nd letter of the alphabet, Letter B

As we carry on with the Sublime Alphabet, we get the voluptuous letter "B". "B" with it's fine curvy sex appeal, stands for a great word in the sublime language of the schaaper, that word is non other than.... ..."Bitchin'"

Ahh Bitchin. (Not to be confused with "Bitching" which is synonomous for seemingly endless complaining with the sole purpose of annoying the hell out of anyone caring to listen.) "Bitchin" is just something that is simply two quarts of cool, with a touch of dangerous. For example, when we pulled Jason K behind a Quad on a sled aka table with screws sticking out of it, it was damn cool, but because he tore open his jeans and almost lost his manhood in a fury of supersonic nastiness, it became "Bitchin".


"Man the way Alex was flying that kite in Kelowna looks like it could have killed him, I am not ashamed to admit that he's kind of a hero to me.."

"Yea, that sure was Bitchin.. wow, we are lucky to still have him around!"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

1st Letter of the alphabet, Letter A

This fine letter kick starts the "Alphabet" series part of my blog. Could there be a better letter to start an alphabet series? Hell no, "A" is used to being first at everything, and doesn't really like things to change. There was once a letter which no longer is in our alphabet, it was cross between an "A" and a "y" I forget how to pronounce it, but it tried to make a play to be the first letter of the alphabet, and "A" wouldn't have any of it, oooooh man was it MAD!! "A" kicked it's unpronouncable ass out and it ended up being part of some third world countries' alphabet. So, it's not a surprise that "A" stands for AWESOME. It's the Chuck Norris of the 'bet.

One of the highest ranks of greatness, only one position below "Sublime". It's better than "cool", way better than "wickit" and kicks the ass of "fun".

As used in a sentence:
"That clam chowder was pretty good!" "Pretty Good? that chowdah was awesome!"

End of an era that came way too soon!!!

Well the end of an era came to be on July 23 2009, and it is has been quite possible the hardest thing to do in life, grieve over the loss of someone too soon and too abruptly. I am not in a state to talk about it, and I am not sure I will be anytime soon. What I am ready to do is to get my blogging back up an going. I am not ready to take things full blown, but there is something out there that needs to be completed. My good friend and companion started something a while back, it was a blog on the letters of the alphabet. He was so kind as to invite me to unleash the letter "Q" which I was able to do. Anyway, to make a long post short, the alphabet series stopped at V, with the ending never to be finished by the original master. To honour my fallen friend I plan to finish this one series. I will post when I am ready and hopefully I will be able to try and fit (I wont be able to come close to filling) in his shoes. So bear with me, and join me if you will on this one last journey for Alex. I will be bringing us back to the beginning, the letter "A" and everyday post the next letter until we come to the unfinished part, in the meantime I hope that people out there will take a look at the genius that was my companion, debater, blogger, analytical thinker, and most of all loved friend, the one the only Alexander Richard Schaap. May you rest and find peace my friend, you will always, ALWAYS be remembered and loved!!

April 1972 - July 2009

Too soon my friend, and may the lights guide you home!!