Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sydney "The convict coloney"

Well we have been away a while and have been having an absolute blast. We go non stop from day break right up until the end of the day. So far we have seen most of Sydney. Sydney is spectacular, the opera house, the bridge, the harbour, the people, everything! Our cousins, Steve and Sandra have been absolutely great, we are having a lot of fun with them, and of course thier two kids Scott, or Scottie and Jessica or Jessa. We can't thank them enough for showing us around and opening up their home.

We went into town for the day and walked around the Botanical Gardens, we then decided to have a bite to eat and while we were waiting in line I spotted a bloke with a Toronto Maple Leafs hat on. I told Katie and as he looked up we could see that it was, in fact, Russell Crowe. He was out for the day with his wife and son. We then had lunch in the park and they ended up being there as well. After this, we went into the oldest part of Sydney, called "The Rocks" walked around and had a beer where the convicts use to work and live. And then that is where the adventure began. To make a long story short, we were in downtown Sydney when the Queen Mary and QEII where going to be coming and going (two largest vessels on the sea). We were taking ferries everywhere and were careful to make sure that we wouldn't miss our ferry to the place we needed to be. Well after the aquarium and a rushed dinner, we went to take the ferry back to the main port. We waited over an hour and when we arrived at the main port to catch our next ferry we, along with many others, were informed that because of the two ships being in the harbour they had just let the last ferry go early and weren't doing anymore, thus stranding us in downtown Sydney with no idea of where to go. After deciding to take a cab we were off, but that was 30 minutes and $60 later, but we did have a nice ride with a young British girl who was fun, and we did see Russell Crowe, so all in all worth it.

We also toured the zoo one day and made sure that we were able to see every thing that we possible could fit into one day, Scottie and Jessica were troopers, but I think that Sandra was lagging a bit :) It was cool to see all the different animals and even a small joey in the mother pouch. The animals in Australia are fascinating, we could watch them all day long (we did, didn't we Sandra). To end the day Steve and I hit some golf balls at the local range. It was bizarre to hit golf balls where wallabies were just grazing on the grass, I even came within feet of getting me one! Paper headline: "Crazy Canuck jailed for beaning wallaby at local range"

We spent a day in the Blue Mountains (they are blue due to the haze from their eucalyptus trees). Getting there was no problem, even driving on the wrong side of the road has been a breeze, only one bent antenna, one near crash and one "whoops wrong side". We saw plenty of lizards and birds and other wildlife that is foreign (see why i am afraid of spiders, they are big and scary) to our parts. And the scenery at the mountains was spectacular. The weather there was amazing and the whole place is incredible.

We also went to the beaches and cafes all around. I went snorkeling with cousin Steve just off of Manly Beach. We saw sharks, sting rays and all sorts of fish. We also went diving a couple of days later where we saw a lot of different life as well.
We were sad to leave but had to continue on to Tasmania.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Well this is going to short and sweet. We arrived safely in Sydney this morning/night (not sure what is what anymore with time) we have been to the beach and are going to a BBQ this afternoon. We have each consumed about 5 coffee's and a couple of espresso's to keep awake but i feel it is going to be a losing battle soon. We are having a blast so far and will hopefully keep this updated. Until next time.

There are now a few shots of the arrival, the welcoming party and the first beach we visited.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Australia Trip

Well we have been extremely busy since returning from the D.R. trying to get everything in order for our australia trip. WE have been planning to take this trip since we were married. It is fast approaching and we leave next week thursday, and arrive in sydney on saturday. Here is the trip itinerary ina nut shell so that you will have some sort of idea what we are doing and where we will be when

we arriving in sydney on feb 17 and will stay with our cousins there, sight-seeing and exploring all the places they know about. Matthew plans on diving and golfing there. We leave feb 23.

We then travel to tasmania where we will drive from hobart to Laucenston making scenic stops and taking tours along the way. we are renting a car to travel and we will see how driving on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car will go. we leave feb 27.

We arrive in melbourne and will spend a day here before heading out on the road. We are driving to adelaide via the great ocean road. this is one on the most scenic highways in the world and is home to the world famour 12 apostles. We leave for the road feb 28/29

After arriving in adelaide and spending time re-aquanting ourselves relatives there, we plan on having katie finish her scuba diving training (See dominican republic post) and then travel to various places around th region, and possibly frequenting a few wineries along the way. we leave march 12

Ah the great barrier reed beckons. We are in cairns now and will be very busy here, we plan on scuba diving on the reef and seeing the rainforest and tropics first hand. This will be katies first reef diving experience which is going to be absolutley incredible. We leave march 18

WE arrive for fun in the sun. Finally a place where we can just sit on the beach and relax. We will be at an island resort of the coast of brisbane. We are going to be seeing, feeding and maybe swimming with the wild dolphins, and just taking time to relax and enjoy the remaining time we have. We leave march 24

Arrive back in calgary on march 24 with plenty of stories and pictures to share. We will try to post when ever we can, but if not we will tell you about the trip when we return.

Planning trip can be hectic and almost image changing : )