Friday, April 4, 2008

Leavin' the roaring 20's Hello dirty 30's

Well this past week I officially left behind my 20's and entered into the my 30's. Most people I have been talking to have made me come to think that this is some sort of a big milestone and accomplishment in my life. I am here to offer a different view on this, a view which has now been skewed due to the birth of my daughter.

Looking back, when I thought about turning 30, I was all ready to go leave my 20's with a major bang complete with everything that one could think of. I was going to have a huge bash that would remind me of some of the house parties I used to throw at college. 300 people, 10 kegs, dirty dancing and just a great time in general. After all how many times does one turn 30?? As I came closer and closer to this "milestone" I was planning how it was all going to unfold and what the evening would entail, in the phrasing of a younger man, it was going to be "OFF THE HOOK"

Well my friends, around 6 months ago and then really 4 weeks ago things changes. McKenzie Jade Weening came into this world and change my whole perspective on the whole turning 30. While I still view it as an fun birthday, I no longer view it as a major milestone of achievement, conceiving and giving birth to a child, now THAT is an accomplishment/achievement to be proud of.

After McKenzie was born, things that were important to me seemed to change, I didn't care about my stuff or my things, but focus now solely on her needs and her life. In essence turning 30 was like waking up on a Tuesday, no big deal! Now before some of you go ans say that I don't have to change my entire life because we had a baby, I am telling you all these things because I enjoy the change. I love the fact that she is my entire world, I still live my life but she has caused a change in me that I think is for the better.

So to end, turning 30 for me this year wasn't a big deal and seemed a bigger deal to those around me. Having McKenzie... now that was a big friggin' deal. That is something to be proud of and have a major bash for, my 30th??? Well we are just having a party with some appi's and a keg, after all you do still have to have a little fun don't you??? See you then peeps.