Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It is I whom wins the first battle, and I alone

Alright so here is what my great poker knowledge tells me.

Call the hand, steal a cherry tomato, and down a beer real quick before you have to flip the cards. Then IF I lose, have another beer and then go home have a good time with the old lady, then call it a night at the roxbury well spent.

I could have gone on and on about the odds, the calculations, pot size, chips stack, what cards were out there, but I didnt, and when it is all said and done, My aggressive call and this the post is enough to win this the "BATTLE NUMERO UNO" and if not, well then at least I had a beer, a cherry tomato and a helluva good time after.

Enough said, Weenz 1 the field NADA, you can reach me on my cell to congratulate BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

The majestic power of nature

As many of you know this week, June 4 we in calgary were treated a rare occurance, a freak flash flood. Now we have had floods before as late as 2005, yet this was due to a month of constant rain and the ground being saturated. This was a flash flood like we havent seen in almost a century. It began as a thunder storm warning that turned into the all to familiary (for thos in Michigan) ominous green sky. We were playing softball in the NE and had just called the game for saftey reasons when the heaven open up and BAM we were getting hammered by Rain. The beauty/curse of this storm was that it engulfed the whole city, for those who have never been here, we are over a million people spread out over a vast area of land, so needless to say it is rare that Calgary will be completely blanketed by a storm from north to south and east to west all at the same time. It rained, sorry downpoured to to point where waterfalls were coming off the over passes and Katie and I thought we were going to have a broken windsheild any moment, for a steady 45 minutes, and when it was all said and done, every quadrant of the city was experiencing major flooding. Underpasses were flooded out, houses were on fire from lighting, cars were submereged and the city was in chaos. Now after katie and I had managed to drive through the mess by carefull picking our route, we were able to enjoy the rest of the storm, sirens and stories of major damage over a nice pint at a local bar with the rest of our team. So the point of this post is to always take time to enjoy the power and majest of God's nature whilst talking over your favorite pint at your local watering hole with friends.

Here is a link to see the damage that ensued, it is estimated that the damage will be well over $20 million dollars for the 10 centimeters or 4 inches that fell in less than an hour. This is what would normally fall in the month of June combined. And remember the whole city was hit at the same time. Truly a freak storm and one to remember.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Scary movies

So this week begins the next installment of the horrow film Hostel. We are going to be treated with Hostel II. Once again this movie provides no plot or story line of relavance, it does however, contribute to the scary movie club that has been started and still maintained by yours truly, Katie Weening and last, but most definitely NOT least, Alex Schaap.

Now for those of you who do now know, Katie and I are strangely addicted to scary/horror movies. We plan to see as many as possible on opening night. Now back to Hostel II, like I stated before there will be no real story line or plot that we will talk about after it is all said and done, but what will be talked about it the crap that we just witnessed and subjected ourselves too of our own free will. This club is some sick twisted way to rid us all of our fears, yet for some reasons (for me at least) reassures that my fears are alive and well, just ask katie about my ferocious head butt that no doubt left a nasty bruise.

So to all you who are brave enough to submitted to that which is the scary movie (whatever scares you the most) i salute you and hope to see you at the next club meeting, where the rest of us Elite Hunting Group members will be screaming, crying or just simply curled up in a fetal postion wanted our mommy and wonder why on God's green earth we keep doing this to ourselves. So until next time, Happy hunting and be brave my little one!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Warning adult post

So as many of you know ( and if you didnt you do now) I have a tendency to do certain things while i am "sleeping". I am only aware that I have been sleep walking, sleep talking and yes even sometimes... well you know, when Katie informs me of it in the morning or the next few days sometimes. It is always the same response, "there is no way, I would remember if I went there, or said that, or did that" Well I was reading the paper today and I came across the answer to what ails me, not so much as a cure, but at least an explanation of some sort. So to all those who have laughed at the stories that katies tells ei. Navajo Warrior (DONT EVER ASK CAUSE YOU NEVA GONNA KNOW), or me building something with katie being the parts and so on and so forth, I know can say that there is proof of it being something I am not in control of and therefore can take no responsibility for : ) I thought this might interest you as many who we have talked to can now understand a little bit more about what it is like for me at night.

Now before you read this, you must know that nothing that is in this article is even close to what I experience, but it explains a little about what it is.