Thursday, March 20, 2008

The only good thing to come out on Ontario is...

The Tim Horton's Rim Roller!!!

I was reminded of this again the other day when my mother in law was visiting to see our new daughter. Since they don't have the privilege of enjoying the taste of a Tim Horton's coffee when ever they want, we make sure to indulge them here. Well it just so happens, that she came right in the height of the Rrrrroll up the Rim to win contest that we get to enjoy, and quite frankly take for advantage (cant count how many unrolled rims I have see carelessly discarded). Anyway back to the point, when we were out enjoying a Timmie's my mother in law kept wanting to throw the cup away with out rolling the rim, and when we reminded her, she still didn't really want to because in order to roll the rim, you need to have super strong fingers (like the guy in the ad) or you have to use your teeth and get er done. Well the teeth were her only option as the fingers weren't gettin' er done.

This brings me to the final point of this post. In order to fix this problem someone in Ontario came up with the Rim Roller. It is actually quite simply but makes life so much nicer, you don't have to go to the gym and work out your fingers, and your dentist doesn't get to take all you money when repairs are needed on your teeth. The roller simply pushed down over the rim and when you pull it up, two little blades cut it and then it pulls the rim right up to reveal a winner, or in most cases a cordial invitation to come back and do it all over again.

So to you, mister rim roller inventor guy, I salute you and say thanks!!! Now Ontario can brag about something and actually have western Canadians agree with them (no you are not the center of the universe!!)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Addition to the weekday layout changes

As you can see I am not the only one who has thought about changing the weekdays.

Ahhh.... the beauty of genious!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

McKenzie Jade Weening

Well our little girl arrived on Sunday Night at 6:20, since this is our usual church time, we think that we have been blessed with a little angel! She came into this world not without problems. I will give you the condensed version of the story and then a couple pics.

Katie went into labour on Friday night/Saturday morning and started having regular contractions at 3:00 am. That morning we went for a long walk and timed everything and eventually went into the hospital to see how things were. We were told that we were definitely in labour, but not ready to be admitted. So we went home.

Later that night at around 9:30 we went back in because the contractions were becoming too much for Katie to handle. We were told that she was not quite dilated enough but that she could have some morphine to ease the pain. Again we went home around 1:30 am to get some rest and to hopefully move along with the labour.

The following morning at 5:00 (4:00 really with no time change) the morphine wore off and the contractions were extremely painful for Katie. I decided that she had had enough and at 8:30 we were off to the hospital again, this time I was not letting them discharge us. We were admitted at around 11:00 and she received an epidural shortly there after, having been through almost 36 hours of painful labour, the pain was too much. After this her waters were broke and we were on our way.

At 4:00 the nurse told Katie that she was fully dilated and would be ready to push in the next hour or so, so we should get some rest while we could. And at 5:00 Katie started pushing, and she pushed like a champ. I want to take this moment to tell all the women who have had babies, that I have a extremely deep amount of respect for what you go through, and that Katie is truly my hero!!

At 6:20 Our little angel came out, but she came out blue, limp and not breathing with the chord wrapped around her neck. She was whisked away to the specialist who started working on her right away to get her back. As Katie and I looked on nervously, they finally had her breathing and had a pulse. We had our little girl!! Shortly after that, Katie began to hemorrhage and they could not stop the bleeding, again I was an extremely scared and nervous wreck. After and Hour of work, the specialist were able to stop the bleeding, but not before I think I had a nervous break down, as all I could do was watch as the worked on my new daughter and my wife. All I was doing was saying prayers in t he corner, to come so close to losing the things that are most precious is something that no one should have to go through. In the end, everything was okay, and at 8:00ish we were able to finally hold, name and enjoy out little gift of McKenzie Jade Weening.

For those of you who don't know, the name comes from both sides of the Family. McKenzie is Katie's maiden name and, well, Weening is our last name. The initials of MJW are the same as mine, Matthew James Weening. So there you have it, a little glimpse into the labour and birth of our little girl!

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Arrival

Well it has happened, our newest member to our family has arrived. McKenzie Jade was born sunday night at 6:20 after a long and hard labour. Mom and baby are doing well and everything is great. I am very excited and tired and well just about anything you can think of. I will write more later maybe, and perhaps I will post some pics, but for now I am going to relax and enjoy and savour the moment. If anyone wants some pics maybe get me your e-mail address and I can forward them on.

Ciao and good night!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Change to the weekday layout!!

Having been in the work force for the past 8 years (I know not that long) I have come to the realization that our current weekly format and layout is simply not working anymore, and that we can have the same amount of work completed in a week with my new calendar.

It is quite simple actually, nothing to do with the solar system or anything to do with the zodiac (take that Zeitgeist) or even the year of the rat. All we need to do to make life more fun and enjoyable, it to acknowledge that it is absolutely necessary to somehow implement the 4 day work week followed by the 3 day weekend.

In order to make this work, the only change would be to have people work 10 hour days instead of the regular (office clones) 8 that is standard right now. That way the employer will still get the standard 40 hour work week and the employee with retain all the benefits and wages that they are owed while being able to enjoy 3 days of rest and relaxation either on their own, or with their family. The best part of this is, is that if an employer asks you to come in and work on the weekend you are still going to get at least a 2 day weekend.

This is something that I came up with and named while I was working at Interior Concepts as a graphic designer in Michigan. I tossed around about working less and making the same amount of money. Well that was not going to happen, so I came up with a whole new week and renamed the weekend days. I am not sure exactly what the name was, but we got rid of Wednesday - one because it is spelled dumb, and second it eliminated "hump day" and added a day, I think called Matday right between Friday and Saturday. Hence the new work week was, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, with Matday, Saturday, Sunday rounding out the weekend.

So there you have it, the perfect work week to replace the current, failing I might add, work week format that we have now. If we continue down this path, people are only going to get more and more tired and have more and more nervous breakdowns. I am telling you people the insanity of it all has to stop!!


Thursday, March 6, 2008


I know most of you have seen this, but it is always worth a second look, "Kill the Jo, make some MO!!"


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A post strictly for comments

There is going to be nothing in this post, just a space for my readers to post comments. This is my attempt to see what kind of social commentary I can create from various readers comments that are solely their own thoughts and not brought on by anything. So please feel free to comment on anything and everything and help make this a success. CIAO!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

17th letter of the Alphabet, Letter Q

I have been asked to post a little something on here from a friend who is doing a post series. He has been writing a little something about every letter of the alphabet starting with A and going on from there. So before you read the rest of my post you should take a look at his by going here sublimation blogification and then come back to me, as he has asked me to write something about the letter Q.

Q is the the first stooge of the alphabet's three stooges, the others being X and Z. He is the quintessential leader of the pack, coming before the other stooges, having more uses in the Basic English language than Z, and X cant seem to start any words on his own. As the leader he is often questioned by the rest of the alphabetorium for his quick dismissal of Y as a stooge, He quickly and quietly answers that vowels cant be stooges. If being first wasn't enough for X and Z, then all Q does is point out his uniqueness and how he is the only one of the three who has a sidekick pretty much at all times. You see, U cant seem to stay away from Q and that usually gives Q the upper hand when faced with a quandary from his fellow stooges. As for the times when U is not there, well they aren't called stooges for nothing...

This brings me to my favourite Q word: Quagmire, pronounced kwag-ˌmī(-ə)r. This is my favourite word for two reasons, one it sounds unique and funny which fits the stooges just perfectly and the other is the many uses it has in our language, with a first name being one of them. "Quagmire, was in a bit of a quagmire for having too much fun with those girls" or "Quagmire was stuck in the middle of a quagmire, all because he didn't take the time to survey his surroundings" and finally putting them both together just solidifies that Q definitely is the head stooge of the alphabet "Quagmire found himself all alone in his quagmire while the quagmire continued to present itself unsteady and quagmirific, leaving him in one too many quagmires for his liking"

For those of you still with me, I hope that my last sentence didn't leave you in too much of a quagmire in figuring out the meaning of it all. After all a stooge is a stooge is a stooge, and so "Q" is now immortalized.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Women Know your limits

I stumbled upon this and had a good laugh. To think this is what used to happen and go on. I know it is a spoof but you know shit like this happened.