Friday, December 5, 2008

Coalition bullshit!

Alright, my fellow blogger the big DC has stated everything i have to say and more here "WTC is in the water in Ottawa?" so i wont make this too long, although i could as i am pissed about what is going on!!

Here is it short and sweet.

I was emailing the Governor General and other MP's about our current political situation and hoping that my voice would be heard. When i went to the websites to find the e-mail address of said people, there were their website right below the address. Now you might not believe what i am about to write so i will post the websites for you to take a look at yourself. The official website for Stephen Harper has a home page that request whether you want to view it in English or french, normal as we are a bilingual country. But i was very surprised and actually angered by the fact that both Jack Layton of the NDP and Stephen Dion of the liberals home pages were both in french right off the bat, i was unable to find Gilles Duceppe's homepage, but you dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what language it would be in, with no option for english. On both Layton's and Dion's pages, there was a little button in the top right hand side that said English, but there was not a home page making that request at the start.

I know that we are a bilingual country, but I believe that English is our primary language with french being secondary, correct me if I am wrong. The problem i have is that one province is starting to take the drivers seat away from the country and it is la belle province, which not so long ago felt that they were too good for our great country and still have the separatist party. How can a Canadian government have a separatist party involved in a coalition. The fact that both of the other leaders involved in this, lets call it was it is, coup de ta, have their home pages in french with English as an option and not a home page that provides both options before proceeding should tell everyone who cares about this situation, that if this coalition takes power, Quebec will be running the joint in no time, not that they don't already i suppose.

Anyway just a rant that might not be too coherent, but it is my rant none the less.