Saturday, August 1, 2009

3rd letter of the alphabet, Letter C

The tricky letter "C", underrated by it's peers, mostly due to jealousy, and mostly by it's nemesis the letter "K". One day you see, "C" and "K" fell in love, and were married, happily married for years and years. Then out of the blue,"K" the harlot went and had an affair with "S". Well instead of killing "S" right then and there, which was certainly his right in those days, "C" took the more democratic approach and sued they' asses. He won the use of the "K" sound, and the "S" sound, and stands as the ONLY letter with such an ability. Karrot was then spelled Carrot, Kan't was spelled Can't, and Sirkumsision was spelled Circumcision, and although "C" didn't really like that word much, it was a triple take out, so he would have been dumb to refuse it. Over time, humans began to invent newer words and used "C" much much more. Crazy letter that "C". If you like drama, it's the letter for you. "K" and "S" have since split up due mostly to the fact that "C" placed itself in words with them to create dissention. You can still see evidence of this if you look closely at words like "Sick", "Slick" and "Suck".

And in the Alphabet of the Sublime.. The letter "C" is the proud sponser of the "C and C Music Factory"!

Now hit the dance floor it's gonna make you sweat till you bleed Is that dope enough indeed I paid the price to control the dice.. I'm more precise to the point I'm nice.. Let the music take control of your heart and soul.. Unfold your body is free and behold.. Dance till you can't dance till you can't dance no more....

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