Thursday, August 6, 2009

8th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter H

H is the only letter in the alphabet that doesn't require the use of the vocal cords, tounge or lips. H is the silent letter, it's mute, and was picked on a lot as a young letter in elementary school or Hellementary School as he liked to call it. H dreams of a future where he can be loud and proud, and in some languages is already being used as a voiceless pharyngeal fricative. Look that up wise guys.

In the Sublimative Alphabetium, the letter H stands for "Hookah" cause hookah is awesome. For all who don't know what it is, I urge you to google it. There's something about inhaling the smoke of burned watermelon, mint, and double apple that help excorsize the trapped demons one has accumulated over the week or month. It's a cleansing, a renewal, and a big part of the Sierra Lima. (Which BTW, should be meeting soon)

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liliales said...

I suddenly became annoyed at the letter H, googled it, and found your site. Well done, really. I wish I'd thought of this alphabet deconstruction myself.