Thursday, August 13, 2009

15th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter O

Man oh man, 15th letter only? We're not even half way there! Stupid "O". Short of coming up with a back story for the letter "O" here is an interesting fact:

The Egyptian hieroglyph for the letter "O" is an eye. Stupid Egyptians, I mean seriously, makes you wonder what glyph they used for the word "eye", an "I" perhaps? Heres some papyrus, go make an alphabet, or wait.. wait.. didn't the aliens give you something to write on? I guess not seeing as you take the more efficient route of scratching a stone wall with a stick.

"O" is also the last letter of one of my favourite acronyms.. UFO. It stands for OBJECT and it's something I don't get to see. All the OBJECTS I see in the sky are identifyable, and once in my life I want to see something that is UNidentifyable. It doesnt' even need to be flying, it can be sitting in my backyard for all I care, I just need to see a fricken UFO. Maybe someone can dangle an upside down bowl hanging from a fishing rod in front of my window. That would be cool.

In the Alphabet of the Sublime, "O" stands for "Organism"

Everyone likes organisms, I mean, what would life be if you couldn't have organisms? They are good for your health, and are beneficial in more ways than one. Some of the best organisms occur after you eat yogurt or cheese, these organisms help with the digestion of food. Organisms make great gifts as well, but you have to be a little careful of who you give an organism to, some may not appreciate it as much as others, it's best to ask first:

"Hey There!"
"Hey whats up?"
"Would you like me to give you an organism?"
"I'm sorry? Come again?"

Bonus Question: Who is this guy and what is he doing?

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braaaaaaaad said...

Drew, showing the new girl from logistics his "O" face.

Love it!